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This is the section where I speak to you directly…

Maybe you’re wondering why I make so many different kinds of artwork. Well, I consider personal freedom to be paramount, and artistic freedom to be part of that. So I’m continually in a state of experimentation with my approach to artwork, as well as life. I reserve the right to make whatever artwork I feel like doing. Perhaps in the future I will develop a different approach to themes within my work, for a cohesive style seems to be one key to being a successful artist. But being a “one trick pony” is not for me! Switching it up is one way art continues to hold my interest.

I feel I should explain why it says on the heading of this site that I do photography, yet none of my photographs are shown. I have been making photographs as a “serious amateur” for years, and have amassed a sizeable collection of images on 35mm negatives, in black & white as well as color film. Occasional access to a darkroom has limited my traditional printing. If you have a darkroom I can use, please let me know. I recently purchased a high-end film scanner to properly digitize my negatives. I plan to incorporate photographs into my artwork, and offer prints for sale, so please stay tuned!

Some of the things I enjoy doing other than art are snowboarding, skateboarding, surf/skimboarding, listening to music, and working on cars. I’m currently restoring a 1971 VW Super Beetle. I chose this car because I’d always wanted to do a full restoration, which I consider to be an art unto itself. This car is going to be cool- it’s got a rare factory sunroof and I love the original orange color. I’m going with a “German-look” theme, customizing the car with mostly German parts, such as Porsche 914 Fuchs alloy wheels, Porsche seats, shaved front turn signals and installing OEM optional pop-out rear quarter windows. Other custom touches are in store; I’ll leave those as a surprise to see when the car’s finished!

So why am I an artist? I’d say it has something to do with the satisfaction I get at seeing my own creations come to life. When my artwork sells, it proves that my work has value to others. It’s a good feeling that means much more than just a verbal compliment. It’s the fulfillment of a fantasy.

Thanks for tuning in,

Jonathan Woods